2 Mins Mug Cake – Microwave

Toddler – Ma, it’s been so long that you have not baked a cake

Me – I baked a cake last week!

Toddler – Yes! Imagine, I have been having saunf & mishri for last 3 days as sweet.

Me in my head – What a level of compromise :/

This made me try this 2 minute microwave mug cake. My husband often spoke of this mug cake which he came across during his bachelor days. His boss’s five year old daughter made  this for him and he has been in awe of her & the mug cake ever since. I never tried it till the above ‘saunf msihri’ dialogue.

It turned out to be a fab one! No dependency on an oven, cooking time is two minutes and best part is the quantity is just apt! Baking Mug cakes has been taken over by my toddler & her dad completely. In the lockdown it has become one of their ‘activity’.

Serves – 1 Coffee Mug(300 ml)

Time – Preparation – 10 minutes. Micro Cooking – 1.5 minutes


  1. All purpose flour – 3 tblspns
  2. Sugar – 3 tblspns
  3. Cocoa Powder – 2 tblspns
  4. Baking Powder – ¼ tsp
  5. Milk – 3 tblspn
  6. Oil – 3 tblspn
  7. Salt – A pinch
  8. Vanilla essence – ½ tsp
  9. Choco Chips(optional) –  3 tblspns


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a ceramic/microwave proof Mug
  2. Microwave on high for 90 seconds


  1. Omit cocoa powder for a plain vanilla mug cake
  2. You can add a few drops of food color that you prefer
  3. Don’t microwave the cake for too long as it will dry it up
  4. Instead of one big mug, you can use small cups too. Just fill till 3/4th
  5. Let the cake cool for 2-3 minutes before you dig into it 😊

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