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My Journey My Rasoi My Medley

I come from a Fauji home and as destiny would have it, got married in to one. The Fauji influence in shaping my food journey just can not be denied, the Mess menu, potlucks, get together, birthdays, anniversaries at home, different cultures, different cuisines a perfect blend of everything.

My warmest memories of cooking goes back to Ma cooking for people in our home in Dinjan, in the midst of Assam jungle. There was rarely an evening when we didn’t have company. The warmth, the laughter, kids running around the house, people praising the food, glasses clinking, stories being narrated….I still hold those evenings close to my heart even after so many years. 

My tryst with kitchen started with baking a simple cakes that Ma taught me. Eventually I found my way by going through her recipe books and then my Mom in Law’s. I can read recipe books for days together.

Sticking to one cuisine or master one style of cooking was just not possible for me. I like hopping from one cuisine to another….the spices that influence those cuisines…the presentation…the history of that dish…is what attracts me to a dish.

This blog is how my food journey shaped over the years. Learning from family, friends, cooks, colleagues, cookery books, tv shows, anyone who was willing to share. Journey from being a nervous cook who would follow the recipe to the T to becoming a bold experimental one.

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