Oats Muffins

Before my wedding, I would frequent my husband’s maternal grandmother’s home who used to stay close to dad’s home. It was at this house that I got introduced to Konkani cuisine. A Konkani hailing from North Karnataka settled in Delhi, it’s admirable that she has maintained the Konkani style of cooking at home. Everyday simple meals are so palatable that it leaves one looking forward to the next meal! I was very impressed with Konkani recipes. With minimal ingredients and coconut being included in almost every dish, this was very different from the cooking style at home.

Though an excellent cook, I had never seen her bake. So, I was pleasantly surprised when she handed me this recipe, beautifully written on a piece of paper. I guess she sensed my curiosity and said, ‘we were visiting a family friend and they made these muffins, I was sure you would like it, so I took the recipe for you’. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness.

With a diabetic at home, this recipe has been very handy while baking for adults. No Maida(all-purpose flour), No Atta(whole-wheat flour), No butter, No oil, and less sugar or sugar-free as an option, I find it the safest to bake.  I recently baked these muffins for a family friend and was very skeptical if kids will like it. But all doubts were put to rest when kids asked for a second helping! Especially the one with tutti fruity topping.

Serves – 16 Mini muffins & 4 Medium size muffins

Time – Preparation – 20 minutes. Baking – 20 minutes


  1. Old Fashioned/Rolled Oats – 2 ½ cups
  2. Yoghurt – 1 cup
  3. Eggs – 2
  4. Ripe Bananas – 2
  5. Brown sugar – ¾ cup
  6. Baking powder – 2 ½ tsp
  7. Baking soda – ½ tsp
  8. Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  9. Toppings as per choice – ¾ cup Semi sweet chocolate chip/ Muesli/ Oats/ Tutti Frutti/ Cinnamon powder/ Almonds


  1. Grind Oats & Sugar separately to a fine powder
  2. In a bowl combine yogurt, sugar, baking soda & 1 cup of oats and mix well
  3. Add bananas, eggs and rest of the oats little by little and beat until well combined
  4. Toppings can be folded in the batter at this stage.  Alternatively top each muffin cup with the topping
  5. Pour the batter into muffin pans at least ¾ full and bake at 200 C for 20 minutes


  1. I prefer to use ½ cup of brown sugar or sugarfree

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