Bhapa Doi(Steamed Yoghurt Pudding) in Microwave

My toddler stood on her toes and grabbed  the bowl of curd on the dining table and got it to me and whispered – Can you please make bhapa doi? Am still trying to figure out how to say no to her for such requests

My father introduced this dish to my daughter and this is their β€˜activity’ together. Though the whole process of steaming curd in small bowls is too tedious for me and what stops me from making it often. But then…..we found a hack! Making it in microwave in under two minutes. Life has become so easy post this hack 😁

Serves – 6 pudding bowls.

Time – 2 hrs for separating hung curd. 10 Mins – Preparation. 1 Min – Cooking. 2 hrs – Refrigeration


  1. Curd – 1 kg
  2. Condensed Milk – 400 gms
  3. Green Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  4. Saffron – 6-8 strands
  5. Milk – 2 tsp


  1. Mix the saffron strands and set aside
  2. Keep the curd in a muslin cloth or a fine strainer/sieve to remove the water content
  3. In a bowl, mix hung curd, condensed milk & cardamom powder
  4. Pour the mixture in pudding bowls
  5. Place the above in microwave and on high temperature setting heat it for 50-55 seconds
  6. Put a drop of saffron infused milk with strands on all the bowls and then keep them in fridge for at least two hours


  1. For hung curd, I place the curd in a strainer and keep it in fridge overnight. This helps in saving time the next day. Else, it should take around 1-2 hours for the water content to separate

One thought on “Bhapa Doi(Steamed Yoghurt Pudding) in Microwave

  1. I had the pleasure to taste it without trying the recipe 😊. Yes, it was directly from Neha’s kitchen. It was super yum absolutely soothing. It just melts in your mouth!!

    I really want to try the recipe now.

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