Egg-Dill Sandwiches

Perfect Sunday breakfast

Mustard Mayo sandwiches in Assam Mess were very famous. They used to be the breakfast on the go if anyone was travelling or going for jungle picnics. What used to amaze me was that the head cook used to make the mayo by hand despite the bulk quantity.

Over the years, I have kept the base recipe as same but trying new dressing ingredients. The version here is using fresh Dill from dad’s kitchen garden. Besides using dill in Mediterranean cooking this is one of the places where I cherish Dill’s strong aromatic flavor.

Serving – Makes 16 Sandwiches


  1. Bread slices(corners removed) – 32
  2. Hard Boiled Eggs chopped – 6
  3. Mayonnaise – 1/2 cup
  4. Onion chopped – 1 medium sized
  5. Green chili chopped – 1
  6. Dill chopped – 3 tblspns
  7. Butter(optional) –
  8. Salt as per taste
  9. Pepper as per taste


  1. In a bowl mix everything except bread
  2. Consistency of the filling should be semi liquid. Moist enough to keep the sandwiches soft
  3. Apply melted butter on both sides of
  4. Spread on bread slices and voila its ready!


  1. I don’t prefer butter
  2. I use ready made egg less mayonnaise
  3. Filling consistency can be adjusted with mayonnaise
  4. The other herbs that can be used are fresh coriander/basil/parsley
  5. Eggs can also be replaced with boiled chicken

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